Sharing my journey with Python, Computer Vision, Deep Learning and everything related to it. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly.
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Before we jump to how part, Let us discuss the negative consequence of choosing the wrong size. After we pick a fixed width and height, the standard procedure is to resize all the images to this fixed size. So, now every image falls into one of the two buckets.

  • Downscaling…

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In software development when something is wrong, usually we get an error, but with data science this is not the case. If the model is not performing well, then the general approach is to alter the model architecture or tune hyperparameters and train more. …


Type hints are great, they help you to write better code and reduce documentation required for external users or downstream software developers. However, type hints do not validate the input from the user. In my opinion, without any validation, you are playing the odds, but if you are up for…

Gist Intro

Gist is a GitHub repository where you can store & share code/data with others. A single gist can store multiple files. Syntax highlighting is supported based on the file extension type, so be careful when you name the file. Gists can be public or secret. …

Why the hell build UI in Notebook?

Short Answer:

Share the Deep Learning model notebook with colleagues from different teams like Business, Data Science, Front End developer, DevOps for their opinion before the real software development takes place.

Jupyter notebook is meant for quick prototyping and everyone knows this but what many misses is we can also…

Deep dive

No matter what happened previously, the final-block is executed once the code block is complete and any raised exceptions handled. Even if there’s an error in an exception handler or the else-block and a new exception is raised, the code in the final-block is still run.

This quote from the…

Getting Started

Before we get into what is Type Dispatch? or How Type dispatch can make you a better Python programmer, let us get some basics out of the way like What is a good python function? To be honest, I would rather let Jeff Knupp explain it.

I truly believe that…

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