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Sharing my journey with Python, Computer Vision, Deep Learning and everything related to it. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly.

A lot of factors can affect the performance of a Deep Neural Network. Let’s see how we can set up a PyTorch pipeline for Image augmentation (with help of Albumentations Python library), and use visualization to find any potential issue before it costs you time and money.

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The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist.

We will use OpenCV to identify the number of stamps in a picture.

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Markdown’s code block is great for writing code snippets. However, when you try to publish or share it via blogging platform there are some shortcomings. Gist can help to bridge the gap. Gist makes your blog look better & easier to maintain. In this post, Let us see how automated gist creation can improve your technical blogging experience.

Gist Intro

Why to use gist?

  • Supports GitHub repository functionalities like version control, fork & clone.
  • Ability to subscribe, star and comment makes gist easy to collaborate with others.
  • Gist can be shared in multiple ways without any dependency or installation.

Build a digit emoji predictor in Jupyter notebook by passing data between JavaScript & Python. Typically, JavaScripts are used for data visualization in notebooks, but it can also be used for prototyping front-end/UI for deep learning models.

Why the hell build UI in Notebook?

Share the Deep Learning model notebook with colleagues from different teams like Business, Data Science, Front End developer, DevOps for their opinion before the real software development takes place.

Most Python programmers are guilty (me included) of always using List without even considering Tuple at all. Surely for some use cases, Tuple should be better, right? Keep reading for one such case.


# Create Tuple with two elements
tup = (1, [2])
# Re-assign first element
tup[0] = 3

Step up your Markdown game with useful and practical tips.

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1. Align Images Horizontally

  • Place the images inside a table.
  • Have the image caption as the title.
Image Source

2. Using Reference for Links

3. Comment

4. Embed Video with Thumbnail

In python, try and except blocks are often used by programmers for handling any exception or unhappy scenarios. Finally clause is very under appreciated & can be better utilised. Let us check out how final-block works.

Deep dive

Example 1:

# Both the try & final blocks…

Writing a function in python is easy but writing a good function is not that easy. Most python programmers are often not aware of how to write clear and concise functions, let alone using Type Dispatch. Let us see how we can write better functions in python using Type Dispatch.

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