Thanks for writing the article. Not only you were able to accurately state my current situation or probably my character, but have also suggested the reason and a solution. Now that you have mentioned the reason, I totally see it.

I agree that suggested solution is a good start in the right direction. Hopefully I can give it a shot. Once again, I can’t express in words how hard it is for someone like me to make a decision without thinking through all possible outcomes. The issue is, even though I know that nobody can foresee all possible outcomes, but still I will try to map out as much as possible because what will hurt more than failure is when I realize that with adequate amount of planning, I would have seen this coming. BTW, I will be totally fine when something bizarre happens and my plan is thrown out of the window, because I know deep down it’s not my fault.

To sum up: Not foreseeing a foreseeable outcome will hurt more than the failure itself when the decision goes south. It will be very hard to live with that, so decision making becomes even harder.

P.S Writing this response also felt really good.

Building a tool to automate data workflow 👉

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